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M2 TMA Course

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Objective of the training

The aim is to train scientific experts who have an exhaustive understanding of all the numerical, experimental and theoretical methods and tools in a wide range of turbulence applications, from industrial flows to astrophysics, including geosciences (atmosphere, oceans, rivers), the environment (meteorology, air quality), aeronautics, energy and transport. Students who choose this course will want to become experts in fluid mechanics and turbulence before moving on to an application in a specific field. The M2 TMA offers an innovative pedagogical approach by refocusing the teaching on the scientific discipline, in this case turbulence, and all the approaches that allow its analysis, with a unique interdisciplinary vision.

Course content

M2-semester 1: 30 ECTS

turbulence processes courses : 15 ECTS

advanced courses: 9 ECTS

turbulence and applications courses : 6 ECTS (1 or 2 courses to be chosen)

M2-semester 2 : 30 ECTS

  • M2 Research or R&D internship 5 months (24 ECTS)
  • M1 laboratory internship 2 months (6 ECTS) or 6 ECTS among turbulence and applications courses