• Title: Turbulent wakes

  • Context

The turbulent axisymmetric wake plays a relevant role in many environmental and industrial situations. In particular, it is present in wind energy applications, whose research can be performed in a wind tunnel using scaled models or porous plates (that are known to generate wake similar to those from realistic turbines). This flow is one of the rare cases where scaling laws can be obtained using a reduced set of hypotheses, that can be verified experimentally

  • Objectives

Within this lab, the wake generated by different axisymmetric objects (scaled rotors, porous plates) will be studied using hot-wire anemometry and multi-hole pitot tubes. The underlying theory will be studied by verifying the self-similarity of radial profiles and the decay of velocity deficit. Consequences in terms of wind energy (eddy viscosity models, wake models...) will be addressed.

  • Keywords

Axisymmetric turbulent wakes, wind energy, self-similar free-shear flows