Christophe Picard , Guillaume Balarac, Pierre Augier

Image courtesy J.D. PhD Thesis


Navier Stokes – HPC

Number of sessions:

About 14 courses/practical sessions (21h)


Part I - Reminder of numerical methods and notion of HPC (Christophe Picard)

Course / Concepts covered:

  • Numerical methods for Navier-Stokes: finite differences, finite volumes, Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics, Lattice Boltzmann, etc... coupling Pressure-Velocity (Poisson equation)

  • High Performance Computing : notion of parallelism

TP :

  • Finite difference solver for 2D Navier-Stokes, application to Taylor-Green Vortex flow

Part II: Spectral approach and 2D turbulence (Pierre Augier)

Course / Concepts covered:

  • Notion of 2D turbulence: scale developments in Turbulence
  • Spectral approach
  • Version management : Gitlab

Practical work:

  • FluidSim in 2D Turbulence: energy transfer and flow concept

Part III : 3D turbulence and turbulence modeling (Guillaume Balarac)

Lecture / Concepts covered:

  • Reminder of 3D turbulence
  • Turbulence modeling: DNS, LES, RANS

Practical work:

  • FluidSim in 3D Turbulence: energy transfer and LES modeling; energy balance