Sedat Tardu

Image courtesy S.T. Wall Turbulence Control publication

Summary: (under construction)

Cotent CM/TD: (under construction)

Plan :

Part 1: Wall Turbulence:

Reynolds Stress Transport equations, homogeneous, isotropic turbulence, exact equations in 2D turbulent channel flow; 2D turbulent boundary layer equations; One-point closures, logarithmic, viscous and buffer sublayer; stress distributions, production dissipation.

Part 2: Flow control (drag):

Passive control (LEBS's, Riblets, "complied walls"; active control unsteady blowing; optimal and suboptimal nonlinear control; dual control; separation control

Part 3: Forced Unsteady Turbulence:

Response of parietal turbulence to periodic forced velocity excitations; effect on mean flow, modulations of fluctuating quantities; response of coherent structures and streaks; response of parietal turbulence to accelerated flow velocity.