Penelope Moffatt (Univ Poitiers), Sylvain Perraud (SDL), Adeline Braibant (CUEF FLE), Signe Seidelin (UFR PHITEM)


oral and written comprehension, bilingualism, interculturalism, bibliographic work

Distribution classes/practicals:

approximately 2 lectures/classes (3h), 10 practicals (15h), 4 personal work sessions (12h) Taught in both French and English


To make students autonomous understanding scientific presentations in English/French, and at analysing documents/articles in English/French. Implementing scientific cross-talk in the main language (the one better mastered). This will be based on articles/books and recordings of seminars on the topic of turbulence. The module will be co-supervised with language teachers (SDL, CUEF) and turbulence teachers.