Christophe Brun, Jean-Martial Cohard

Image courtesy C.B. BLM publication

Abstract :

Training in the basics of turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer.

Distribution CM/TD:

About 4 CM (6h), 4 TD (6h), 6 CM/TD (9h) and 1 TP (3h).

Content :

Part 1: Turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer (under construction)

  1. Turbulence

    • turbulent kinetic energy balance TKE and turbulent potential energy balance TPE
    • balance of momentum flux and sensible heat flux
    • anisotropy of turbulence
    • energy spectra
  2. Neutral, stable and unstable CLA

    • thermal stratification
    • buoyancy and mechanical shear balance
    • Obukhov length scale
    • correction of the logarithmic law of velocity and temperature

Part 2 : Optic Turbulence (under construction)

  1. Electromagnetic wave propagation in random media
    • Structure parameter in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (definition, similarity theory, ...)
    • Formulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in random media
    • impacts of turbulence on signal strength and angle of arrival
    • Heat and water transfers from surface to atmosphere.
    • Instrumentation and application