Nicolas Mordant, Pierre Augier, Mathieu Gibert

Image courtesy N.M.

Summary: (under construction)

Distribution CM/TD:

approximately 10 CM/TD (15h) and 1 TP (9h) Taught mainly in French

Content :

Part 1: generalities

nonlinear interactions, triads/quartetts and co.

Part 2 : wave turbulence

introduction to the phenomenology of weak turbulence, dimensional analysis, examples of application, limitations, light version of the theory (version of the book by Falkovich, L'vov, Zakharov rather than Newell's developments in cumulants)

Part 3 introduction to solitons and integrable turbulence/soliton gas

Part 4: introduction to geophysical turbulence

internal gravity waves, inertial waves, inertial-gravity waves, phenomenology of stratified and/or rapidly rotating turbulence vortex waves in the He superfluid


  • Lab work on wave turbulence e.g. on vibrated plates/gongs, waves at the water surface (solitons).
  • TP on the Coriolis teaching platform on rotating flows
  • Numerical exercises